Get to know me

Hey there, I’m Darell. Obviously, I’m an artist, but I am also a husband, father of 2, music lover, recovering video game addict lol not.

I was once homeless living with my single mother who was carrying my younger brother during the same time. As we made it out of extreme poverty when I was 9, my artistic talent began to show itself.

My first drawing I can remember was of the Saiyan Goku from the TV show: Dragonball Z. Since then, I grew to love art and how it influences our lives. I wanted to explore this idea in my art and storytelling.

With this idea in my head, I needed to get it out. Art and stories deeply touch us and we can learn a great deal of life lessons from the stories we tell. All of my creative endeavors operate in service of this cause.

I only hope to incite emotion into whomever indulges in my original stories, and the tales with my partnership alongside Ivi League Ink LLC (

Cheers. Hail Hydra 🐉