My Published Work

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career.

Breaking Cyclez: Inverted Noir

This project is a comic book collaboration between me and writer/rapper Malik Row. His story revolves around Samurai Row who is a spiritual warrior that travels with his shapeshifting half human, half dragon brother. A fantasy title, I really focused on creating a unique world and natural characters of color from the mind of Malik Row. The official comic is in full color.

Find the issue here:

Ameelia’s Adventures:  Ameelia’s First Play This was my first! I illustrated a children’s book with author Teii L. Franklin.  The story involves a little fairy school girl named Ameelia. She has 2 best friends, 1 older sister, 3 older brothers, a mom, a dad, and a community of normal fairy people.

It can be found through AuthorHouse!

Wow, 10 years ago from the second I write this. Published in 2010 when I was 16.

The front cover

The back. A waterfall with sapphires

Ameelia with her mother

What happened to dad’s head? Lol. Fun fact, the dark painting in the back was a dream of mine. I put it in every work I do.

Ameelia’s Adventures was my first battle with deadlines and pushing myself to create characters. 8 total characters for this one. I should redraw them in my current style 🐉


Animation is concentration.. and wow it is lots of work. Moving pictures are very exciting and I have a few planned for 2021.

  • Music video for rapper Malik Row here

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